Bioresonance-Therapy seminars according to Paul Schmidt

All of our cells communicate with each other and with our environment.

Fields of interference can occur through external or internal influences.
How do we find the cause and how can we bring the body back into harmony, so that it can help itself?
That is the bioresonance therapy approach by Paul Schmidt.

Naturopathy is based on 3 pillars: intestinal restoration, de-acidification, detoxification.
How can one find the right medicine and the right dosage?
This seminar, based on the RAH system, is conceived for private individuals, interested laypersons, animal healthcare practitioners and veterinarians, and is held on 2 successive days.

Bioresonance therapy according to BNR-Method

– The body knows the way –

Bioresonanz/BNR-Methode Seminare