Bioresonance therapy helps to detect blockages in the body, which are responsible to the same extent for disruptions to mind and health. Bioresonance therapy can both analyse and harmonise by determining the body’s own vibes and comparing these with fixed nominal values.Harmonising signals are then sent back to the body balancing out the negative vibes and stimulating the body’s own intrinsic regulation. In addition, bioresonance provides the very individual possibility of testing medicines that might help your animal. In other words, you can find out in advance which medicine is the right one. By these means, bioresonance therapy helps your animal to harmonise and to find its natural balance. Allowing it to find its inner calm, recover its inner core, and be in harmony with itself.

“Being on one wavelength”, “feeling in a positive mood”, or “finding resonance” – these are all expressions that indicate that we have found our natural balance, and it is the same for animals.

Bioresonance therapy according to BNR-Method

– The body knows the way –

Every animal is different and therefore every therapy should be individual.

I am from Hamburg and a naturopath for people and animals.
In the course of many years of practical experience, I became more and more aware that conventional treatment methods “do not listen” enough to patients and do not look at them holistically.So I refined the bioresonance therapy and developed a completely new therapeutic approach:

the BioNatureResponse, or BNR-Method®.

The aim of the BNR-Method® is to heal on a physical, energetic, mental and spiritual level.
As a holistic method, the BNR-Method® restores the oneness of the body and activates the self-healing powers.


In contrast to conventional medicine, which prescribes certain medications for certain “clinical symptoms”, the BNR method considers the patient impartially and holistically.
It is not treated on the basis of symptoms, but rather each time individually “queried” again what the body is missing and what it needs.
Research into the causes is an important part of the treatment.
Permanent success can only be achieved if the reason is found.

What is unique about the BNR-Method is that it is open to all therapies and remedies and takes into account every conceivable form of treatment.
It does not shut itself off – instead it always opens up the right path to holistic and permanent healing.
Problems become solutions.
Encompassing. Individually. Balanced.
At all levels. For humans and animals.

What I would need from you: a photo of your animal.

And if you would like to see me in person, I gladly would come to you.

Bioresonanz-Therapie nach der BNR-Methode