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Jan 2019

Ringo, Chihuahua – Pancreatitis – Bioresonance

Ringo, a 9-year-old chihuahua, was diagnosed pancreatitis.

Pancreatitis can occur ou of a sudden or recurring.

Among other things, the pancreas releases digestive enzymes.

If it is inflamed, the organ can digest itself.


The signs of pancreatitis could be:

– Pain in the stomach

– vomiting – very often or constantly

– weakness

– lassitude

– eat little to none

– diarrhea

– fever

– exsiccosis


The triggers for pancreatitis can be:

– fat food

– circulatory disorders

– anesthesia

– medicines

– intestinal inflammation

– Injuries of the pancreas


The vet treats the pancreatitis symptomatically with painkillers, infusions, medications and special food. Antibiotics are rather not given.

Of course Ringo was accompanied by a veterinarian.

Parallel, we have determined with bioresonance that the villi and the intestinal flora was not in balance and the dog was completely acidified.

Once the villi do not work properly, certain substances can not be absorbed by the body.

We rebuilt the flora and the entire immune system, added all missing vital substances, so that Ringo didn´t need painkillers any more after a short time.

The owners of Ringo now make sure that nothing more can destroy its intestinal flora – such as vaccinations and antihelmintics.