Sep 2017

Manni, Rottweiler – Problems after surgery

Manni, 4 years old Rottweiler male, had serious problems after a necessary surgery.

He hardly ever eats, vomits, has peristaltic sounds, flatulence and diarrhea and is very tired, limp and energyless.

The bioresonance analysis has revealed the following:

– the “good-necessary” intestinal bacteria were gone due to the antibiosis after the operation

– anesthesia had to be detoxed

– the oesophagus was attacked by intubation

We have rebuilt the intestine with the appropriate remedies and the necessary vital substances.

To get rid of anesthesia, we have tested the right homoeopathic remedy and rebuilt and relaxed the trachea.

As the head is overstretched under intubation in most cases, the bioresonance has shown, that Manni needs a Cranio-sacral therapy/ Osteopath to solve the blockades.

After only 3 days Manni already felt better and after 2 weeks with the appropiate remedies and 2 cranio-sacral treatments he was “like brand new” …