Apr 2017

Lise, Mongrel Bitch – Allergy

The very best first: there are no allergies.

An allergy is a reaction of the immune system and manifests itself in the form of skin rashes, respiratory problems, conjunctivitis, disorders of the gastrointestinal tract and general symptoms such as fatigue, fever, insomnia.

An allergy therefore is only a symptom. A symptom of an excessive stressed immune system.

The reason has to be found and stopped, then the supposed allergy will disappear.

Causes may be e.g.: Vaccination, chemical flea and tick prophylaxis, dysfuntion of intestinal flora, intestinal problems, onesided feeding … etc etc.

First of all it is important that the viscera organs are able to work again, i.e.. the intestines,

kidneys and liver must be built up to do their work properly.

Does the dog get organic food?

If not, you always give hormones, antibiotics etc. with the food.

Lise had various red, partly open spots spread over her entire body, she tries to lick constantly. Possible parasites were already excluded by the veterinarian, who said, It is an allergy, permanently prescribed cortisone and hypoallergenic food.

With the bioresonance I have tested what Lise needs to recover, because her body knows best what she needs in what dosage and potency and for how long.

Skin has to be treated with great patience since the whole body has to be adjusted from the inside,

the metabolism has to get back in balance and at the same time skin needs to be supported from the outside and sometimes you have to keep the animals from licking.

After 3 weeks, Lise had been set up so far that we could begin to reduce the cortisone gradually. Luckily, the adrenal cortex quickly started to work again, so the itching and the skin did not get any worse.

After 3 months, the skin was healed, her fur regrowed and she could eat everything again.