Feb 2017

Paul, mongrel dog – mouth odour/ foetor ex ore

Paul is a 10 year old mongrel dog.

He came to me because he has been foetor ex ore for several weeks, so badly, that no one wanted to cuddle with him anymore.

According to the owner the vet had already checked everything and could not find anything.

Mouth odour can have many causes, such as:

– stomach problems (gastritis, vomiting)

– Digestive problems

– Diabetes

– Kidneys

– Food

– food residues in the coat and / or in the teeth

– coprophagia

– teeth, calculus, gum inflammation

– Tumors


With the bioresonance, we have analyzed Paul completely.

Everything was fine except for the teeth.

I asked the owner to get in touch with Dr. Karin Schlotterbeck, my absolute favorite veterinarian.

Dr. Karin Schlotterbeck is one of the few veterinarians who cleans the teeth without putting the dogs in anesthesia.

To me, teeth belong in the hands of a veterinarian, since I, as a naturopath for animals, can not do anything if a tooth has to be treated or pulled.

She examined the teeth and scraped the calculus.

Since then, Paul has no more mouth odour. The teeth are now examined at regular intervals.

Now Paul can be cuddled …