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Aug 2019

Fluffy, rabbit – cold/ nasal discharge & bioresonance

Fluffy is a 2 year old rabbit, had nasal discharge, just sat in the corner and had no energy left.
It is important to find the cause of the nasal discharge, because many rabbits, have no cold, 
but dental problems.
The owner of Fluffy has just had all 4 rabbits vaccinated against rabbit flu.
Rabbit cold can be caused by a weakened immune system, other illnesses, or bad feeding / living conditions.
The vaccine against rabbit flu does not protect against the pathogens, but should
only mitigate the infection pressure in large numbers.
This means that the individual animals are not protected by a vaccination.
If you just have 4 rabbits, it is far better to make sure that the immune system is in order than 
to vaccinate and risk that the rabbits get sick.
The attitude of Fluffy is exemplary, enough space in- and outside, as well as other rabbit friends.
With bioresonance, we tested the correct remedies for Fluffy, rebuilt his intestinal flora and the immune system.

Vitamin rich nutrition is very important for rabbits:
- hay of all kinds (mountain meadow-, meadow- and clover hay)
- dandelion, wild carrots, carrots, celeriac, fresh parsley, parsnips, peeled apples
- organic herbs such as ribwort, echinacea purpurea, stinging nettle, parsley stem, dill stalk,
  Alfalfa, green oats, peppermint, hawthorn, lime blossom

For safety's sake the owner has had the other rabbits tested as well, so that all of them have a good, 
built-up immune system.