Food analysis

Food has a considerable influence on the acid-base balance as well as on the kidneys and liver, which are important detoxifying organs in the body. That, in turn, has a great impact on the wellbeing of your animal. Incorrect food is often the cause of indisposition and allergies in the first place. Wholefoods, in other words balanced feeding, guarantees a balanced acid-base ratio and an intact immune system. I test which food is suitable for your animal.

This means that any existing dysbalances can be offset. Dog and cat food, for example, often contains elements that are not adapted optimally to the animal organism. And horses are also often fed large amounts of acid-forming fodder such as oats and barley. In addition, other influences play their part, e.g. pesticides or environmental toxins. Healthy nutrition that covers all areas is the best prerequisite for strengthening the immune system and preventing illness.