Energetic healing – also for humans

Our body is a precisely attuned energy system.
It is composed of the physical and the fine-matter energy systems – the aura.

All experiences, events, influences and feelings have a conscious or sub-conscious impact on our lives and influence this energy system.

Health is an energetically balanced condition. If our body displays “symptoms of illness” (which can vary from fever and pain to a head cold…) it is telling us that we must recognise and change something.

Blockages, old ways of thinking and acting, must be resolved. We must confront the topics being presented to us by our bodies in order to become “healed”.

Ignoring the symptoms of the body can lead to chronic illnesses.

With our inner willingness to open up we can restore the harmony between the physical and the fine-matter energy systems by sensing, changing perspective, letting go and thus removing blockages.
Energetic healing does not mean paying less attention to the body, but rather paying more attention to the soul.There are many different ways to heal energetically.

Shamanic Healing, poweranimal work, healing streams, quantum healing, animal communication, Reiki are just a few examples.
With the Bioresonanzanalysis I will find out the right way. What I would need from you: a photo of your animal.

Energetisches Heilen – auch für Menschen