Jun 2018

Bernhard, billy-goat – Weight & Energy – Bioresonance

Bernhard is a 4-year-old goat.

He had lost a lot of weight and could not regain it.

On top he didnt have much energy and was therefore dominated by the other goat.

The vet has checked everything and couldnt help, no matter what Bernhard got, he simply did not gain weight.

With bioresonance, I was able to find out exactly what he was missing – especially nutrients.

He needed the very important micro-nutrients for the rumen microbes.

In addition, we have calmed his stomachs with naturopathic remedies, given him something to stimulate the rumen and tested the right organic goat food.

It took less than two weeks, then he was already fully “flourished”, gained weight,

had his energy back and was no longer “annoyed” by the others.