May 2018

Agatha, pony – corneal ulcer – bioresonance

Agatha is a 7 year old pony.

It had superficial corneal changes in the left eye, increased lacrimation and sometimes mucous secretions.

In the case of eye diseases, a veterinarian should be consulted immediately as blindness can occur and many animals suffer from pain.

Eye diseases can cause bleeding in the eye, corneal edema, corneal defects, eyelid spasms, corneal tissue decay.

Corneal change can have many causes:

– Viruses

– Bacteria

– fungal infections

– poisoning

– Malnutrition

– Injuries

With bioresonance analysis, we found that the intestinal mucosa was destroyed by many deworming -and antibiotic treatments.

A destroyed intestinal flora has an effect on the absorption of nutrients, the entire metabolism and the immune system and thus on all skins such as the eyes.

If the skins could not longer function properly as a protection, microorganisms can invade and cause inflammation.

In Agatha´s case we rebuilt the intestine flora with the individually tested remedies and provided the necessary vital substances.

By now everything ist all right with her eyes and Agatha itself.