Oct 2017

Kikou, horse – clogged nasolacrimal canal, bioresonance and chiropractic

Kikou, 12 years old gelding, came to me because the veterinarian had diagnosed a periodic eye disease and the owner wanted naturopathic support.

This diagnosis couldn´t be confirmed by the bioresonance analysis.

The cause was a clogged nasolacrimal canal.

We called another veterinarian to do a rinse.

The swelling reduced quite fast, an eye ointment was not necessary.

Now we had to clarify, why or whereby the nasolacrimal canal was blocked.

With the bioresonance, the body tells me what is needed to regain its balance.

Kikou went in balance with chiropractic treatments.

I tested which therapist he would like to have.

Chiropractic is a manual treatment method to restore the normal mobility of the joints, especially the vertebral bodies.

The wonderful chiropractor could detect various blockages, especially in the cervical spine. Blockages of the spine, in particular of the atlas vertebra, can also be the cause of a clogged nasolacrimal canal. Kikou obviously felt so much better after the treatments that the owner allows him chiropractic treamtments on a regular basis.

Meanwhile, we have rebuilt the intestine and the immune system, which is particularly destroyed by the anthelmintic treatments and antibiotics.