Dec 2017

GoodBoy, Headshaking – Bioresonance & Animal Communication

Good Boy is an eight-year-old Hanoverian gelding and since some time he shakes his head – for the owner without any recognizable reason.

Headshaking is uncontrollable and can be very dangerous for horse and rider.

In most cases, symptom treatment could be useful only for a short time, if it helps at all,

the reason must be found and turned off.

Possible causes can be:

– Teeth

– stable management (too little work, beiing bored, no herd, too little outside,  too little hay …)

– entire musculoskeletal system (mandibular joint, foramen, occipital bone, blocked vertebrae,

blocked shoulder, tight muscles, hooves) – please also think about cranio-sacral treatment

– Pollutants of all kinds (pesticides, heavy metals by vaccinations and water pipes, rust,

environmental toxins in drinking trough, in hay, tanning of all leather parts etc etc)

– Vaccinations

– Deficiency / malnutrition

– Soul

– Viruses, especially DNA viruses, which persist in the nerves and liver

– Borrelia and Borrelia toxin

– Nerves, affected should be treated immediately

– Stress

– Eyes

– Ears

– Mycosis in the guttural pouch, colds

– Photosensitivity

With bioresonance and animal communication I could identify two causes.

He had a lot of stress, because the owners planned to sell him – but he wanted to stay with his owners and you can not really sell a horse with headshaking …

The owners now have then found another solution, there is now a wonderful womean, they share the horse and cost with.

The second reason was the musculoskeletal system with blocked vertebrae, mainly caused by a mismatched saddle and resulting blockages.

The saddle was too tight at the shoulder, pinched everything and the nerves were affected by blockages in the jaw joint and head.

Already after one treatment with cranio-sacral therapy, he felt much better.

After the second treatment, headshaking stopped completely.

At the same time we built up his intestinal flora, the immune system and the metabolism with naturopathic remedies.