Jan 2017

Nelle, horse – cracked molar tooth

Nelle is a 14 year old riding horse.

Nelle had no energy anymore, became listless, lost weight and got more and more skin problems.

As often only antibiotics and cortisone were given.

The veterinarian has realized that the teeth were not in order, but did not want to do anything, because Nelle was not strong enough.

There was nothing left to do – and so the cycle continued.

The bioresonance analysis as well revealed the teeth as one main cause for the symptoms.

Thus, Nelle could not consume sufficient food because every bite caused pain and the permanent strain with germs caused by the inflammation did the rest.

We decided, in consultation with another veterinarian, to provide Nelle with painkillers for a short time, so she could eat and at the same time build up her system with remedies for intestinal flora and nutrients.

The teeth finally could be examined and operated – one molar tooth was broken longitudinally.

Finally the interfering field was eliminated and we could rebuild Nelle immune system.

Already after 1 week, her energy and joy of life were back, the skin took a few months to heal completely.