May 2020
Aurale Plaques bei Pferden

Aural Plaques, horse – Bioresonance according to the BNR-method

Small, white, depigmented warts or plaques on the inner surface of the pinna are mostly aural plaques.
Aural plaques are probably caused by papilloma viruses, exactly those also causing sarcoids.
The black mosquito is often mentioned as a carrier of the virus.

With a viral disease it is always the most important thing to strengthen the organism so that it can defend itself against the viruses.

Aural plaques can be asymptomatic, but can also be very uncomfortable for the horse,
what can be expressed in massive rejection of all kinds of touches (cleaning, cuddling, snaffling)
to headshaking.

It is important to treat the horse both internally and externally.

Internally, the immune system should always be strengthened, i.e.:
– Build up intestinal flora
– Add vital substances
– feed agents against viruses and bacteria, e.g. L-lysine and rock rose
– Defense-strengthening vitamins, such as vitamins E, C and B-vitamins
– detoxification (the body is overloaded with deworming, antibiotics, vaccinations, painkillers etc.)
– In most cases, special sarcoid agents are also needed

Externally, the question is of course whether the horse even lets you touch the ear ….
If you can get it, two remedies have proven particularly useful:
– Thuja tincture dilution
– Calapo Skin Oil

Of course the best is always to tailor the therapy individually to the horse, that works wonderfully with the bioresonance therapy according to the BNR method.