May 2017

Jack, Equine Sarcoid – caused by deworming treatments – Bioresonance

Are deworming treatments the reason for equine sarcoids?

Jack is a 12 year old Tinker gelding.

For over 3 years he suffers from various equine sarcoids.

Some have been cut off, others burned, but so far nothing has helped – they always came back.

For me it is essential to trace the reason, then the cause can be turned off, the structure of the immune system can be supported by naturopathic remedies and the symptoms could heal.

With every horse that came to me with equine sarcoids, I had to realize that it is extremely loaded with pesticides, especially vermicides-deworming treatments.

After the bio-resonance analysis his intestines were built up, vital substances were given, heavy metals were drawed out and the open wound was treated with natural oinments and creams.


Deworming treatments without bulding up the intestines at the same time can probably cause sarcoids.

Maybe the body does no longer know how to handle all the chemical treatments, where to put

them as the body can´t get rid of it and maybe therefore create new cells as a kind of storage room…

It was exactly the same with Jack – there has been a new horse, which was very verminous, so all the horses have been given a deworming treatment every four weeks.

Since then, Jack got more and bigger sarcoids.

Ther ois no way around deworming treatments, but build up the intestines at the same time.

With the bioresonance we have found the right remedies for Jack.

Skin has to be treated with great patience since the whole body has to be adjusted from the inside,

the metabolism has to get back in balance and at the same time skin needs to be supported from the outside and sometimes you have to keep the animals from licking, biting or scratching.

To get rid of sarcoids, you need a lot of patience since the body has to be built up from the inside.

It was the same with Jack, who fortunately has a wonderful owner.

The sarcoids have fallen off and if Jack gets his deworming treatment today, he gets his remedies

one day before and for two more weeks afterwards.