Jun 2017

Betty, cat – diabetes

Her owner did contact me because Betty lost more and more weight, even though she was eating a lot.

In addition, she appeared weak, listless and had problems with her rear legs.

The owner confirmed that she also drinks a lot.

To me, everything pointed to diabetes and so I asked to go to the veterinarian first as soon as possible.

The Vet confirmed my diagnosis an prescribed Lantus.

Cat Diabetes may be reversible, they come in a so-called remission and do not need additional insulin anymore.

However, it is important for Betty to be medicated correctly.

There is a first set-up start medication and this has to be adjusted slowly and carefully.

If we have a chance for remission, could be tested after stabilization.

The right medication depends on many factors – Lantus before / after feeding, every 12 hours – possibly overlap etc.

For this reason Betty, the feeding and the blood glucose must be observed.

Betty is fed with organic wet food and raw feed and not with dry food.

causes many “construction sites”.

After a short time she could run well again and looked much better.

Since Betty did not suffer from diabetes for a long time, the chances for a remission are good.

Most cats with diabetes suffer from type II diabetes, this means they could no longer produce enough of her own insulin. The causes of diabetes are multifarious e.g. overweight, diet, cortisone treatment etc.

Betty´s diabetes was related to a long medication of cortisone because of supposed allergy …

After five weeks, Betty was perfectly adjusted and we started reduce Lantus gradually.