Jul 2017

June, horse – new stable, animal communication & shamanic-energetic healing

June, 10 years, lived in a wonderful stable in a wonderful herd.

Due to the fact that the family had to move to another city, she had to move too, of course.

For horses, a relocation and the associated loss of the herd is often very burdensome and traumatic. Even changing the stall or changing the stall alley can be very stressful.

Since June has a very prudent owner, we have slowly prepared her with animal communication.

We told her the decision to move to another city, annonced the last day, so she could say goodbye and we have described her exactly her new – of course as well wonderful – stable.

The last two days the owner had the feeling that June was excited and could hardly wait for it …

On the day of the days, June entered the trailer without any problems, was happy and positive when she arrived at the new stable. It only took a few days beside the new herd and then she could be integrated.

Additionally we have supported her with homoeopathic remedies.

The whole family has a great time in the new city.