Jun 2015

Lisa, Hanoverian Mare – Saddle acne

Lisa is a 12-year-old Hanoverian mare.

Saddle and belt area were full of granulomas, nodules and little open wounds.

At first it was important to stabilize the metabolism and the immune system, which was out of balance by vaccinations, deworming, antibiotics and too little hay-feeding.

Saddle acne can also be caused by the toxins that were used in the tanning of the leather, released every time the horse is sweating.

For this reason, all leather parts in direct contact with the horse’s skin, such as the girth, were replaced by textiles. Saddle pads and blankets are only washed with biological detergent, to avoid possible allergic reactions to chemical ingredients in detergents. As often as the weather permitted, Lisa went outside without any blanket, , so the sun rays and fresh air could assist the healing process. With naturopathic remedies inwardly and tinctures and ointments outwardly, the most spots were gone after only 5 days, the rest was healed within 3 weeks.