Mar 2018

Carl, horse – cough – bioresonance

Carl is a 12-year-old Hanoverian who has been coughing for some time.

Cough can have many causes:

– Virus

– Bacteria

– Fungi

– Stress

– Overexertion

– Coronary diseases

– Feeding

– Barn management

– and of course other diseases

The cough started shortly after moving to another stable.

After coronary and other diseases were excluded by the veterinarian,

With bioresonance we have tried to find the cause and the right treatment for Carl.

We rebuilt his intestinal flora and thus all the skins – also in the lungs -, provided him with all necessary vital substances and expectorant, decompressing natural remedies and detoxified the organs,.

It is important that horses are outside and as stress-free as possible, also approbiate movement can be helpful.In this case the stable management was the decisive cause for Carl’s cough.

He had his box close to the manure area, so he inhaled ammonia all the time and this chemical irritation along with the prevailing cold in December triggered the cough.

The stable owner – terrific – then moved the manure area completely to the other side immediately, so no horse had to inhale ammonia anymore.