Apr 2018

Betty, dog – colic & cramps by air swallow – bioresonance

Betty, 6 years old, had colic and abdominal cramps again and again.

Usually these occurred after eating and according to the owner she is really bloated.

With the bioresonance I´ve checked, if the digestive system and the food are okay, that she has all the vital substances she needs or whether the nervous- and muscular system indicate another cause. Everything was in order.

Thus we went through the living conditions.

It turned out that Betty only got something to eat once a day.

She had such cravings that she swallowed a lot of air through hasty eating,

which then accumulated in the stomach and caused these colica and cramps.

So we completely changed the feeding.

Now she can eat 24 hours a day , is totally relaxed and has no colics and cramps anymore.