Jan 2021

Dog – ear hematoma

An ear hematoma is a hematoma on the dog’s ear.

There are different reasons for an ear hematoma:

– ear disease

– ear infection

– the itching causes the dog to scratch its ear, shake its head

– Injuries to the ear

– more often in dog breeds with drooping ears

The dog’s ear is swollen, different and therefore uncomfortable for the dog.

Most of the time, the dog keeps scratching, shaking its head and holding it crooked,

so it keeps getting worse.

It is important to eliminate the cause.

If he has an ear infection, please have it checked by the vet, as this could also go very deep.

The ears should be checked regularly and cleaned if necessary.

In most cases, it is enough to wipe them off with a cotton pad.

Remedies must be given only in more severe cases.

The vet would puncture the ear, insert tubes and, if that is not enough, will operate.

I have had the best experience doing the following:

– Heparin ointment – apply it to the ear every day so that the bruise dissolves

– Arnica Globuli – daily in changing potencies (best to test each individually)

– tie up the ear (either with a bandage or ear protection from a specialist shop)

If the blood ear is treated in this way every day, it will in most cases be healthy again in 2 – 4 weeks.