Apr 2021

Young dog – pimples and pustules – young dog acne

Is your dog between 3 months and 1 year old?

Does he have pimples, pustules, crusts on his chin, muzzle, armpit, chest, stomach or or or?

In most cases it is then young dog acne.

This, also known as pyoderma, is a bacterial skin inflammation.

It is comparable to the puberty pimples of adolescents.

The following symptoms are possible:

– pimples

– pustules

– crusts

– Hair loss … on the chin, muzzle, armpits, chest, stomach

Causes can be:

– hormonal changes

– nutritional deficiency

– inheritance

– disturbed immune system (by vaccinations, deworming, antibiosis, chemical flea- and

tick ​​prophylaxis)

It is important to have a differential diagnostic check that it is not a mite

or other parasites or an allergic contact reaction.


– build up the immune system

– build up Intestinal flora

– supply of vital substances

– In addition, special nutrient supply for the skin and fur

– good nutrition, if possible organic

– Stress reduction

– External treatment e.g. with cistus tea, propolis, calendula, Calapo Skin Balm, Belavet,

  Aloe vera

First of all, the immune system should be brought back into balance.

The immune system gets out of balance due to vaccinations, deworming, antibiosis, chemical flea- and tick ​​prophylaxis, other medications.

Please be careful that the dog does not lick the affected areas.

If your dog is severely affected, please always consult a veterinarian.

If the immune system is back in balance, the acne usually heals quickly.

It is important to have all remedies and nutrition tested individually for your animal – this works wonderfully with tensor, kinesiology or bioresonance.

Get well soon.