May 2021

The bored dog – we should change that

Always the same park, always the same dog lap, always the same dogs, always the

same time for a dog walk, always the same feed.

This constant routine can be immensely boring for our dogs and they run listlessly

next to or behind us.

In most cases we get it wrong and often even assume that it is simply because

he is getting older.

How nice would it be, if you could change that.

Have a look whether:

– you always discover new ways to go for a walk with your dog

– maybe you can go to times

– your dog has enough brain work

– your dog really enjoys being with you

Dogs not only want to run, they also need brain work.

If you haven’t already done that, dummy training or target object search (ZOS training)

might be an idea.

Look for treats in the leaves or teach your dog funny commands –

such as jumping on tree stumps to take “photos”.

And of course there are still thousands of ideas …

Bringing variety into the dog feed and little surprise will make your dog even happier.

Your dog will be thankful if you are attentive to him, he will be attentive to you as well

and you will have a happy, even-tempered dog.