Nov 2020
Hündin scheinträchtig

Bitch – false pregnancy

Many bitches are false pregnant after the heat.

The false pregnancy occurs between 3 – 12 weeks after the heat and can

take several weeks, it varies from dog to dog.

False pregnancy is not a disease.

Possible symptoms:

– Nest building behavior

– milk flow

– Swelling of the teats – with reddening

– skin problems

– loss of energy

– not hungry

– Cramps like in labor

– Changes in personality, character and behavior

– doesn´t want to be alone

– whine, cry

– need a lot of attention

– are very affectionate

– restless, irritable

– obsessed with their toys

– Aggression when someone tries to take their toys away

– the toy is the puppy substitute

The hormone level after heat is very similar to that of pregnant bitches,

this can lead to false pregnancy.

In addition to the possible changes in behavior, the following diseases could also be triggered by the false pregnancy:

– Inflammation of the teats due to strong licking of the teats

– Inflammation of the breasts due to blocked milk

– ovarian cysts

– ulcerations of the uterus

– mammary tumors

Depending on the symptom of false pregnancy, you can use the right naturopathic remedies

choose to support the bitch.

These include the homeopathic remedies Pulsatilla, Ignatia, Phytolacca, Silicea and Sulphur for skin problems.

You can also give your dog other thoughts with walks, games and tricks.

Again and again it is advised to remove toys. In my experience, bitches are much more relaxed when you let them.

Should the false pregnancy lead to severe symptoms or consequences, it should definitely

a veterinarian should be consulted.