Oct 2018

Dogs, Kennel Cough – Infectious Tracheobronchitis

I have had several cases of so-called kennel coughing in recent weeks.

Kennel Cough or Infectious Tracheobronchitis is an infectious disease of the upper respiratory tract and characterized mainly by coughing – often choking.

Should one vaccinate the dogs against it?

This disease can be triggered by various pathogens, such as:

– Canine parainfluenza virus type 2

– Bacterium Bordetella bronchiseptica

– Canine herpesvirus

– Canine reovirus

– Canine adenovirus type 2

– Mycoplasma

The vaccine contains only 2 vaccines: Canine Parainfluenza Virus Type 2 and against Bordetella bronchiseptica.

Thus, it becomes clear that a supposed vaccine protection can not necessarily prevent an infection.

Most dogs are doing very well, they run and romp as usual and often this infection heals by itself within 1-2 weeks.

Every dog ​​can be infected at any time.

Since I individually test out the right remedies with bioresonance, I usually do not give any lump-sum recommendations here.

When it comes to kennel cough I see it differently.

There is a wonderful remedy: Pulmofer tablets.

The dogs love it and it can be wonderfully fed as a reward.

Feed twice a day depending on size / weight and after a few days the coughing is gone.

Pulmofer tablets can be obtained from any good vet or veterinary practitioner.

Of course, all other possible causes of a cough must be ruled out.