Oct 2015

Frieda, Poodle – vestibular syndrome

Frieda is a 12 -year-old poodle.

She had fallen out of the bed , her eyes were confused back and forth , the white of the eye was visible and her head was inclined.

In addition, Frieda could not get up . After heart and circulatory problems were ruled out , the suspect to vestibular syndrome was very close . After administration of homeopathic and naturopathic remedies, she could get up already after one hour, her eyes were back to normal and the head is not scalene anymore .

The swaying movement disorders were gone after further 7 hours.

For safety reasons, Frieda was presented to a veterinarian to rule out any tumors and to support with allopathic medication.

Frieda got homeopathic remedies for 3 more days and is now as fit and cheerful as before.