Sep 2015

happy, english bulldog – brachycephalic syndrome, nausea

Happy is a 4-year-old English bulldog.

She was out of breath quickly and suffered nausea.

We have built up her immune system and metabolism with naturopathic and intestinal remedies and the right food within 3 weeks.

By breeding it comes to shortening of the upper jaw, the nasal bone and paranasal sinuses. The nostrils and nasal passages are often too narrow. Everything else such as soft palate, tongue, etc. corresponds to the “normal” size and is therefore often too large. The resulting malfunctions of the physiological breathing are manifested in continuous dyspnoea, snoring breath sounds to suffocation. Especially during physical activity and when it is warm, serious problems may occur.

Happy was presented to a veterinarian to clarify whether there is the possibility to assist surgically.