Nov 2016

Zoe, italian greyhound – recurrent cystitis

Zoe is a 2 year old italian greyhound.

She came to me because she suffered from cystitis the third time already.

Zoe had to urinate constantly, but always only a few drops.

She had her third antibiotic therapy and it already started all over again.

I realized that most puppies suffer from cystits for the first time shortly after they have been vaccinated. So it has been with Zoe.

We have built up the intestine, tested the right food and supported her with berry juices, cistus, hemp oil and further suitable homeopathic remedies.

In addition, the bio-resonance analysis revealed that Zoe required additional support from Bianca Hogrefe with Jin Shin Jyutsu and energetic healing on the physical and emotional level.

Zoe felt better soon and until today is cystitis-free.