Apr 2015

Micky, Jack Russel – Peeing on rugs, Animal communication

The owner of Micky, a 5 year old Jack Russel Terrier asked me to talk to him as he pees

on rugs or carpets every time visitors are coming.

Micky welcomes me wagging his tail at the beginning of our conversation.

He says he pees due to a mixture of stress and anxiety. Many people are coming to the house and he does not know why and what is going to happen. Perhaps they will take him away – again.

I told him that he doesn´t have to be scared because he will stay with the family, no matter what – even if he does not stop peeing … and that there are many people as it is a large family.

He would like to be on the arm when they all come, as he feels safe there.

He pees on the rug as he does not like the wet, warm feeling on the feet … And carpets are a bit like forest soil or lawn …

Micky didn´t understand why he doesn´t live in the old family any longer.

I explained to him that the couple has separated and the woman must work all day from now on, therefore they were looking for a terrific new family, as otherwise you would have to stay at home all alone the whole day.

“Ok, I understand that. I’m trying to stay calm from now on. ”

Except for a small “incident” the whole situation is completely relaxed.