Feb 2015

Sammy, Labrador – Animal Communication

Sammy is an 11 year old Labrador. His owner asked me to talk to him because he has the impression that Sammy is freezing and he needs a coat for outdoors.

While communicating with him , I get a tense feeling between the shoulder blades , from neck down to hips . He freezes . The cold comes from the abdomen and extends over the entire body. Cool chills run down his body. He wants a coat that doesnt scratch , although he thinks that it looks stupid. He freezes at night and he wants to sleep next to the heating. Outside, he would like to run a lot , so he will get warm . He wants to be hugged, hot oatmeal and warm vanilla pudding. Vanilla has the desire to stay in bed very long , gets worse by cold air , stiffness , big need for sleep , shivering . His owner found a very soft, very “cool” coat for him…