May 2019

Dogs – what to do against ticks?

The tick time has started again and that’s why I want to give you some wonderful remedies today.

The most important thing is that the entire immune system is built up, because not only supposed allergies etc. are prevented, but in most cases 80 – 90% of the ticks are reduced.

In addition, I can recommend the following remedies:

– Calapo bug-off dog tick spray

– Zedan SP spray

– Organic coconut oil internally and externally

– EMa Liquid by Naturrat

– Livermoss extract diluted

– CD vet black cumin oil

– Lupo San Zeckweg

– Aniforte Zeckenschild

– Ledum C30 – 2 x 3 Globules at interval of 15 – 20 minutes, if a tick has bitten


As before, all animals should always be searched for ticks.

I can only strongly advise against chemical flea and tick prophylaxis – including collars and pills -.

They consist of chemically synthesized substances and can lead to devastating side effects, such as:

– itching

– Lethargy

– Ataxia / tremor

– rashes

– Hair loss

– eczema

– Poisoning after oral intake

– tumors

In addition, according to the manufacturer, ticks can still suck in and mosquitoes sting.

I wish you a tick-free summer.