Feb 2022
Prevent biting Dog

Dogs and children – prevent biting accidents

A family dog ​​is a wonderful thing.

Children who are allowed to grow up with dogs are usually outside a lot, running and romping,

learn to be considerate and the immune system also benefits.

As a parent, you have to take responsibility from the start and pay close attention to

how the children deal with the dog, what they are allowed to do (actually nothing at all…)

and that the dog definitely has the opportunity to withdraw.

The children must not harass the dog, no matter how cute they think it is.

From the dog’s point of view, many things that children do to them are wrong.

This includes, for example, taking away toys, throwing oneself at the dog, wanting to ride or chase it and much more.

Children shouldn’t educate dogs either, the upbringing is the responsibility of the adults.

Depending on temperament and patience, the dog will eventually clearly show its limits.

To avoid biting accidents, I recommend the following:

– train the dog with a lot of trust, respect and love right from the start

– to teach the children how to handle the dog properly

– especially to set boundaries for the children

– to attend the wonderful children’s dog course from www.gaby-abels.de,

if you live in Hamburg or nearby

– or of course any other dog-kids course

– “Der blaue Hund” as a book, CD or app

This is a dog bite prevention project that shows children with their parents

how to handle your own dog safely.





I wish you lots of fun with your children an dog.