Dec 2018

Breeding regulations for dogs – many Why´s? What to do, if the puppy is with you?

After a client has almost lost her puppy during the prescribed audiometric examination, I have checked out the breeding regulations for Dalmatians.

This much in advance: I’m no longer surprised that so many dogs are ill, supposedly allergic or suffer from so-called autoimmune diseases.

The entire immune system is already severely damaged in the first 8 weeks.

According to the breeding regulations, the puppies must go through the following in their first 8 weeks:

– as needed, but anthelmintics at least once before vaccination

– Vaccinations

– audiometric examination between the 6th and 7th weeks

– microtransponder implanted

Why do puppies need an anthelmintic, if they do not have any parasitic worms?

Anthelmintics can´t be given prophylactic.

Why are they not tested for parasitic worms before?

And then act?

Why do puppies have to be vaccinated?

There is no compulsory vaccination in Germany.

Many veterinarians recommend, if at all, to vaccinate after the 15th week of life.

Each vaccine includes antibiotics, so that the important intestinal flora and thus the immune system

is destroyed immediately.

Audiometric examination

The audiometric examination takes place under anesthesia.

Puppies and young dogs draw extremely much anesthetic, so the next weakening arises.

Measuring needles are pushed under the skin behind the ear and in the middle of the skull,

in addition they get headphones in the ears. This examination takes about 15 minutes.

Can one not use classical manual examination methods and only, if in the doubt, this method? microtransponders

In addition, the puppies must also be provided with a micro-transponder. So, the next, painful injury.

In summary, it means that a puppy must undergo at least one anthelmintic treatment, vaccinations, narcosis and a chip until the 6th / 7th week of life.

Thus, the immune system has been systematically destroyed from the beginning and diseases, allergies and co are almost inevitable.

What to do?

Once the puppy comes to you, you should build up the intestinal flora and the immune system.

For this there are wonderful supportive products, such as: SymbioPet & SymbioPetDog, DiaPastePro, Calapo Dog Darmfit & Immunboost … and of course good organic food.

With a bioresonance analysis, we find out exactly what your dog needs to live a happy, healthy life.