Oct 2016

Rex, Mongrel Dog – Stomach Inflammation (Gastritis)

A stomach inflammation (gastritis and ulcerated stomach) can have many causes. Stress of all kinds – such as left alone, sports, excessive demand, pack – and ranking issues, side effects of pharmaceuticals, disorder of intestinal flora and immune system, snoweating…

Vomiting, feed refusal and often indurated muscles in the gastrointestinal area can be symptoms of an acute gastritis.

As it often takes a long time until dogs show any pain, it can be difficult to recognize a chronic gastritis or an ulcerated stomach.

Frequent vomiting, touch sensivity/ pain gastrointestinal region, fetid smell from the mouth, listlessness, emaciation, variable feeding behavior, drinking much can point to a chronic gastritis or or an ulcerated stomach.

Rex sometimes like to eat – sometimes not at all and he no longer wanted to go outside, sometimes he had stomach cramps.

While case history it turned out that he took painkillers for quite a a long time. Gastrointestinal inflammation are possible side effects of painkillers.

With Bioresonance we found the right remedies to rebuild his immune system, mucous membranes and the stomach again.

Build up the intestinal flora, supply all vital substances through the right food, detoxify the system and bring back the acid-alkaline balance – Rex feels very good again, he eats and is happy to take a long walk whenever possible.