Nov 2018

Arthrosis – Dog

Arthrosis is a joint disease that is caused by signs of wear and tear in the joints and can lead to movement restrictions and pain.

In Arthrosis, the cartilage in the joint becomes increasingly roughened and thinner,

the joint can become inflamed and bony material can form.

Usually, an arthrosis begins with the dog having trouble getting up.

The getting up and the first steps are difficult, they move stiff and lame.

Once the dog is moving, many of these symptoms disappear.

If pain comes to it, a dog stresses the joints less and thereby decreases muscle mass and so muscle weakness can develop.

Often they slip on floors – a piece of carpet can help here, especially in the water- and food bowl.

The causes can be different:

– Overload Movement, treat your dog appropiate to age and body

– Overweight

– Deficiency of certain vital substances, such as vitamins, amino acids, trace elements, minerals

– congenital misalignments / bad stress Developmental Disorders (OCD, HD, ED)

– genetic cause

– Injuries / traumas / fractures / cracks / sprains / operations

– inflammatory processes, e.g. Lyme disease

– Rheumatic form due to disorderd, failed or missing immune system

– due to age

Treatment of Arthrosis:

Since arthrotic changes are often painful, it is important to see a vet, to get an accurate diagnosis with imaging procedures, as x-ray.

– Supply with the necessary nutrients, already puppies, especially in growth spurts, to support

joint functions and strengthen the connective tissue

– weight reduction

– Physiotherapy / Cranio-sacral therapy / Osteopathy / Acupuncture / Laser etc.

– Adjustment of the movement, e.g. several short than a long walk

– temporary painkillers

– Operations

A dog supported in this way at all levels can wonderfully live and cope with arthrosis for a very long time.