Aug 2016

Senior dogs – Joints, digestion and Co…

Due to age, many things change in the life of your dog – and thus also in yours.

The musculoskeletal system is subject to unstoppable degenerative processes, but all this could be supported with natural remedies.

Often they do not want to walk that much anymore, instead they prefer to sniff for hours …

Senior dogs need more attention and rest.

Digestion is also not this fast anymore, so it is better to stop feeding dry food.

Old Dog are often very picky – we may try a lot.

It often begins with the fact that they no longer want to eat from their bowl and now the porcelain plate is up, also they love various daily fresh cooked food.

For me, the following applies: If not now, then when?

Do everything you can and want, love them, cuddle them … and especially accept them as they are. Do not close your eyes to that what is and will come, but accompany them tender loving on their way. Just because they can not run as 10 years ago, it does not mean that they not enjoy their peaceuful life.

On the contrary, how wonderful that they may get old with us.