Feb 2018

Sammi, dog – Addison’s disease – bioresonance

Sammi, 8 years old, has been suffering from diarrhea for years.

When the owner came to the veterinary clinic last time, she should take antibiotics for 8 weeks as therapy.

That was – finally – too much for the owner and they called me.

The bioresonance analysis quickly showed that the entire immune system was out of balance.

We have completely supplied Sammi with colon-building remedies, vital substances and homeopathic remedies, put the acid-base balance back in order, detoxified her and tested out the right food for her. After she felt much better, she had her original energy back and fed with appetite.

After about a year, the digestive problems started again, she had abdominal cramps and she had no energy at all.

The symptoms all hinted at Addison’s disease.

The adrenal glands produce various hormones, i.a. Glucocorticoid Cortisol and the mineralocorticoid aldosterone.

The body produces cortisol to survive certain stressful situations, and aldosterone, which regulates blood pressure and sodium-potassium metabolism and, as a so-called “thirst hormone”, retains water in the body in the absence of fluids. If the adrenal glands produce too little of these hormones, Addison’s disease.

The vet has made a blood test, the sodium-potassium quotient and the anemia confirm the suspicion, as well as the ACTH stimulation test.

Sammi gets Zycortal now and she’s fine.