Jan 2018

Mikesch, cat – alopecia lower abdomen / legs – bioresonance & animal communication

Mikesch came to me as he had hardly any fur on his lower abdomen and legs.

Alopecia has many causes:

– itching

– allergic reaction

– stress

– Demodicosis

– Dermatophytosis

– Pyoderma

– Malassezia dermatitis

Any mycosis, allergies, etc. could be excluded with bioresonance and the veterinarian.

The skin was a little red and irritated.

The owners of Mikesch were on the road all day.

We set up a camera to observe the cat in their absence.

We noticed that he starts to lick his abdomen and legs the moment the owners leave the house.

This meant that being alone would be stressful or boredom to him – in any case, an emotional distressing reaction, manifesting itself in increased cleansing, resulting in dermatitis and alopecia.

The owners had already thought of this and had been thinking for some time about buying a second cat.

First of all, we rebuilt Mikesch immune-system, skin and soul with the appropriate remedies tested by bioresonance and with animal communication asked him for reasons and solutions.

Now there is a cat friend for him in the house and everything is fine.