Mar 2017

Jacky, cat – FAIDS Feline Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome

Jacky is a 3 year old cat and from an animal shelter. Since she sneezed a lot and rhinorrhea, she was excamined by a veterinarian who diagnosed FAIDS. Due to the bad prognosis by vet, Jacky came to me to be supported by naturopathic remedies.

The FAIDS virus causes an immune deficiency syndrome. There may be infections of the respiratory system, the skin, the digestive system, the urinary system, also tumors and neurological disorder may occur. The process strongly depends on age of the cat. The older, usually the milder. It is important to know that the quick test often provides false positive results, so only a Western blot test should be done. FAIDS definitely is not a death sentence!!! And also not every disease that the cat has can be traced back to FAIDS. Depending on the symptom, the cats can be supported by naturopathic remedies so that they can live for years without any health problems. Just like Jacky – we have built up her complete immune system and for years she now lives free of complaints.