Apr 2016

Martha, cat – CKD Chronic Kidney Renal Failure

Martha is a 12-year-old cat.

As she has been bitten by a dog, the vets discovered during x-ray that one kidney has almost completely dissolved and only the other is working.

The vets gave her 3 months …

With a Chronic Kidney Renal Failure it is very important that the body is always “flushed”, otherwise the concentration of urinary excreted substances is too high and the animals will usually start to vomit. Chronic Kidney Renal Failure is irreversible, but can be supported very well with many homoeopathic remedies.

With bioresonance we determined the right blood pressure drug for Martha, homeopathic remedies for long-term therapy, as well as the feeding of cattle blood, chicken, fish, dairy products and wet food. Already after 2 days she felt a lot better. We check her medicinal values ​​at regular intervals through vet and bio-resonance. 1.5 years have passed since the first diagnosis and Martha still feels and terrific …