Dec 2016

Lise, Mongrel – Vomiting and Diarrhea

Lise, a 4-year-old mongrel bitch, had diarrhea and vomit, the vomit was usually frothy and sometimes white.
Her body temperature was 36,9 ° C, the usual temperature is 38,5-39 °C.

One of the most important thing is, that the animals do not dehydrate.
Quite often, the cause of vomiting and diarrhea can not be found.
It is very important to be very aware of the situation since the circulation can break down due to the dehydration.
Then the animal must be infused very quickly.
Fortunately, Lise was very thirsty, although she vomited immediately after every drink.
Bioresonance analysis revealed a single homeopathic remedy – all symptoms fit into the drug pattern.
Lise was given this medication three times every two hours.
Already after the first remedy Lise became calmer, the temperature normalized and the next morning also diarrhea and vomiting had stopped.