Mar 2019

Pineta, horse – abortion – bioresonance

Pineta is a 12-year-old mare, who has already lost a foal for the second time.

Abortion can have many causes:

– Viruses

– Bacteria

– stress and overexertion

– Feeding

– standard of hygiene at mating

– Umbilical cord

– Uterine infection

– Placenta abruption

– Fall

– Trauma

– Twins

– Management and environment

– Disease of the foal

– Other diseases

Of course, the vet has immediately excluded that it is based on an contagious infection, because even more mares were pregnant.

It is very important to observe the mare after the abortion.

In addition to the emotional factors, e.g. fever, uterus / udder inflammation or even laminitis can occur. With the bioresonance analysis, we brought the immune system into balance and rinsed the mare several times internally, in order to prevent any bacterial or viral processes.

Of course, we supported her with homoeopathic remedies in her grief.

Next year she will hopefully give birth to a healthy foal.