Jan 2016

Isi , Icelander Gelding – EOTRH

Isi is a 21 year old Icelandic gelding.

He could no longer eat hard bread and carrots so well, hay was caught between his teeth and he had a bad breath.

Luckily his owner is very attentive and called me quickly so that his immune system has not been weakened any further.

Isi doesn´t like his mouth to be touched and after bioresonance analysis it became clear that it was probably EOTRH – Equine Odontoclasic Tooth – absorption and Hypercementosis – that means dental resolution processes and decrease of the jawbones. The vet-dentist confirmed this suspicion after examination and x-ray. With allopathic remedies against inflammation and pain, dental surgery and lots of homeopathic remedies we could stop the process.

Isi is now controlled at very regular intervals.