Jan 2023
Ear rim necrosis

Carou, Dog – Ear rim necrosis

Carou is a 3-year-old male Wiener.
The rim of his left ear was bleeding and had been tearing repeatedly for weeks.
The medication of the treating veterinarian brought no improvement.

Ear rim necrosis is a skin disease.
The edges of the ears dry out, tear and bleed.
Ulcer-like thickening and crusts develop that are difficult to heal.
Scratching or shaking causes the scabs to tear open and bleed again.
As the disease progresses, the affected tissue dies.
Indented, uneven ear rims occur.

Short-haired dogs with thin, slightly hairy ears are more likely to be affected by this condition.

The ear edge necrosis is based on a malfunction of the immune system and thus changes
the blood vessels at the edge of the ear.

Causes can be
- derailed immune system (e.g. due to vaccinations, deworming, disturbed intestinal symbiosis, stress)
- Nutrient deficiency in growth
- Zinc deficiency
- heredity
- mite infestation
- toxins
- contaminated feed
- Leishmaniasis and also vaccination against leishmaniasis

- Build up intestinal flora
- Build immune system
- Detox
- if the dog has been vaccinated against leishmansiosis, eliminate the vaccination(s).
- External treatment of the affected areas

The medication of the treating veterinarian brought no improvement.
In the patient-owner conversation, it quickly became clear that the spots on the ear began shortly after the leishmaniasis vaccination.
With the bioresonance BNR analysis, we were able to test the right remedies for Carou and
after 2 weeks the ear had healed completely.